Thai Fish Sauce Dressing

I warn you this is stuff is literally like crack! The first time you taste this fishy pungent sour and hot concoction you are left reeling.. Sometimes in not the most positive of ways…. But whoever you are you will come back for more and more and more. It goes great with anything but I find its best as a condiment for hot meat as the fishy taste dissolves and gives way to a great hit of umami with sour and hot flavours. The sauce has many incarnations but this is pretty much the simplest base ingredients version, that I have seen anyway, but you can keep adding traditional Thai ingredients to suit your personal palette.

You will need to gather up the following ingredients:

–          100 ml Thai fish sauce ( Nam Pla)

–          50 ml Water

–          1 tbsp Rice wine vinegar

–          1 tbsp Light brown sugar

–          2 garlic cloves, finely diced

–          Juice of 2 limes

–          2 Red chillies (suited to your heat tolerance), chopped finely

Now the cooking instructions are simple as .. not even pie to be quite frank. All that you need to do is combine everything together and stir. Now it can be a bit strong for some to keep going back so maybe add more sugar and water to even out the flavours.

I have tried turning this into true vinaigrette that is fully emulsified but have had little success with conventional methods, such as the addition of mustard and oil and furious whisking. I don’t particularly feel like using xantham gum as a thickener… but that just me so feel free to try that.

Right if you feel that this is too bland a sauce, then shame on you, but it’s ok I suggest the addition of some or all of the following:

–          Galangal or ginger juice

–          Chopped shallots

–          Sliced spring onions

–          Coriander leaves

–          Thinly sliced lemongrass

–          Kaffir lime leaves

And that’s enough for you now go and pour it on everything you own





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